Wall Art

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Pocket Billiards Room Décor

Need to add some life to the walls in your pool room? Here's a good, colorful option. With a focus on the 8 ball, this pool ball canvas print is perfect for your billiards room décor.

Close-up of Pocket Billiards Room Décor

Ant Canvas Print

I drew this image of an ant head over 15 years ago, made myself a bit of insect wall art. This canvas print reproduction is a bit of an improvement on my original design, though, with the leaf-textured ribbon behind the ant's head adding some visual interest.

Close-up of Ant Canvas Print

Bonsai Tree Canvas Print

Black-and-white, stylized drawing of a Bonsai Tree. A canvas print of a digitized original drawing with black ink on bristol board.

Close-up of Bonsai Tree Canvas Print